About Z Automotive Technologies :

In January of 2007, "Joe Z" bought a Dodge Charger Daytona R/T. Shortly after the 500 mile break-in period, Joe pulled in to an empty parking lot and decided it was time to have some fun with his new ride. Stopped, wheel turned left... foot to the floor - and the ESP system took over and ruined the fun.

The rest is history. Originally named NoESP, Z Automotive strives to bring you the best possible electronic products to overcome the computer nannies in LX/LC vehicles - making them perform better, be more fun to drive, or to add "factory feel" features, all while remaining out of sight.

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Z Autmotive products may be returned for a refund if within 30 days of original purchase. An RMA must be requested prior to shipping the product back. After 30 days, the product may be returned and may be subject to a restocking fee. Contact support for more info.

Z Automotive products carry a 90 day warranty. Contact support for any technical difficulties, even of long past the warranty period. Often the problem can be easily resolved. We're always looking to help!


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